Parent Survival Guide

This is your guide for the season which covers hygiene, tournament info and everything in between. Click on the link above to download!

Club Communication

Need to find out what’s going on at a moment’s notice?  This handy guide will show you how to be all-knowing. ​Click on the link above to download!

Tournament Signup Form

​Download this form at home and bring it with you to save time when signing your wrestler up for a tournament.  This is the same form as you will find at the club signup table.

​AAU Coaching Cards

If you are interested in coaching your child at AAU tournaments, or just having a card so that you may be matside or serve as a coach in case of dire necessity, it is easy to obtain one. Just visit and click “Join AAU” on the upper right to obtain a nonathlete membership, then print out your card and keep it on you when at tournaments.

If you are knowledgeable about wrestling and are willing to help coach other kids at tournaments as needed, please let us know! Our club coaches will appreciate the help.